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Schoolwidebehavioral video
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Includes DVD and manual.

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Schoolwide Behavioral Support (SBS) is a systems approach to build a school's capacity to adopt and sustain effective teaching practices that improve academic, personal and social outcomes for all students. Our video team followed two Indianapolis public schools for a year as they incorporated SBS in their schools.The fundamental assumption of SBS is that behavior can and should be taught just as we teach academics.

This tape chronicles the step-by-step training of leadership teams in both schools by Indiana University facilitators. The teams and facilitators demonstrate the eight elements of behavioral support identified in the research of Timothy Lewis and George Sugai. This project is a collaboration with the Indianapolis Public Schools Department of Special Education / Student Support Services.

Consider SBS in your school if problem behavior is drawing energy away from instruction

8 Elements of the Process

  1. Establish Priority and Mission
  2. Select and Develop a Leadership Team
  3. Examine Behavioral Support Needs through Data
  4. Establish Schoolwide Behavioral Expectations
  5. Establish Procedures to Teach Behavioral Expectations Across All Settings
  6. Encourage Expected Behaviors
  7. Discourage Problem Behaviors
  8. Monitor Implementation and Progress
Includes resource guide and related article authored by Lewis and Sugai from Love Publishing

"This tape is extremely helpful for behavior coaches as it provides clear examples of how to instruct positive behaviors across all grade levels and settings."

- Dr. Lucille Eber, Statewide Coordinator, Illinois EBD/PBIS Network

"Great overview of the process...great trainers, and good examples."

- Dr. Timothy Lewis, Professor of Education, University of Missouri