• Co-Teach!
  • A Handbook for Creating and Sustaining Classroom Partnerships in Inclusive Schools (second edition)
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Co teach
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Table of Contents

This handbook is a great companion to the Forum’s popular Co-Teach Series of Videos.

Marilyn Friend’s Co-Teach! handbook is better than ever in its second edition. Designed specifically for teachers, it is the definitive source of co-teaching information, including key topics such as these:

  • Information on how co-teaching facilitates implementation of the Common Core State Standards
  • A contemporary and realistic approach to finding and effectively using common planning time
  • Applications of co-teaching as it relates to English language learners
  • Expanded examples of the classic 6 co-teaching approaches and new variations of them
  • Ideas for making sure that specially designed instruction, a required part of special education, is embedded in co-taught classes

Key updates on building strong partnerships, co-teaching research, and much, much more!

Who Should Read Co-Teach!

This is a handbook prepared specifically for teachers and administrators—at elementary, middle, and high schools—who are interested in finding out how to make their co-teaching programs be the best. It includes the best of recent research on co-teaching, but it is written and organized in a way to make it easy to read and immediately applicable to your situation. 

Why Educators Should Read Co-Teach!

Co-teaching is becoming more and more popular in schools as an option for educating students with disabilities. Most professionals have questions about these teacher partnerships. Have you ever wondered 

  • What exactly is co-teaching? 
  • What the role of the paraprofessional is in a co-taught class?
  • Why co-teaching is receiving so much attention in today’s schools?
  • What co-teaching looks like in practice?
  • How to address classroom matters such as the professional relationship, classroom management and student behavior, and differentiated instruction?
  • How professionals are addressing time for shared planning and scheduling?
  • How to develop and evaluate a co-teaching program? 

For the past several years, people have asked where practical information about co-teaching--from setting up and maintaining successful programs to establishing positive relationship in the classroom to resolving interpersonal and logistics difficulties—can be found. Co-Teach! A Manual for Creating and Sustaining Effective Classroom Partnerships in Inclusive Schools is designed to address your questions about co-teaching, whether you are just anticipating co-teaching, are a novice co-teacher, or are a veteran co-teacher.