• Adapting Curriculum
  • Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms
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Adaptingcurriculum video
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Classrooms have always had students who learn at different rates, who have prior knowledge about the curriculum, who have varying abilities and bring different backgrounds and baggage into classroom. When students with disabilities are included, the range of those differences widens. In order to reach every student, teachers may need to make choices that they haven’t confronted before. 

This DVD and accompanying manual provides a conceptual model for adapting curriculum across the learning spectrum. The framework challenges teachers’ existing repertoire and arms them with additional approaches to enhance student learning. The framework is divided into the four steps teachers take when planning units of study: 

1. The Process of Teaching 
2. Practices, Decision Making, and Planning 
3. Fine Tune for Individual Learners
4. Refine, Reflect, Assess and Evaluate 

Each step has examples of at least three adaptations. 

Teachers from elementary and secondary programs describe the adaptations that have proven successful. These adaptations recognize the need for student variation in learning and instruction. 

You’ll see sample adaptations across seven areas: 

• Participation
• Difficulty
• Output 
• Input 
• Level of Support 
• Size of Task
• Time

Co-Producers: The Forum on Education, Indiana Institute on Disability & Community, The Council of Administrators of Special Education, Inc., and Elephant Rock Productions, Inc. 

An Indiana University Educational Services Production