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Marilyn Friend, Ph.D., has spent her career as a general education teacher, special education teacher, teacher educator, and staff developer. She has served on the Board of the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children. She has consulted with school professionals nationally and internationally (more than 1000 presentations and projects in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia) as they collaborate to educate their students, assisting them to form productive and efficient work teams, to learn the best ways to manage awkward or adversarial conversations, and to communicate effectively with parents. She's the author of the Co-Teach Handbook.

DVD overview

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The Power of Two (Revised Edition) provides a comprehensive look at co-teaching as part of the foundation of an inclusive and collaborative school, and it is designed to assist professionals to maximize student outcomes through classroom partnerships. The core concepts are included here--for example, clear and detailed demonstrations of six co-teaching arrangements that make up the heart of this service delivery model. In addition, lessons learned from those who have considerable experience with co-teaching and the shift in the context in which school programs now operate are emphasized, as are the suggestions made by professionals in the field who work with co-teaching on a daily basis.

More Power! builds on the six co-teaching approaches Dr. Friend made famous in the Forum's Power of 2 DVD by presenting seven key dimensions of effective instructional practices across K-12 settings. This next generation of co-teaching empowers teachers and gives students a richer and deeper classroom experience. This DVD incorporating evidence-based strategies, demonstrates how to get more power from your co-teaching to improve outcomes for all students. It includes a digital facilitator's guide.

Releasing the Power: 
Leaders at the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District decided that to meet achievement and accountability standards mandated in federal education law, they had to do something very different. If students with IEPs continued to be educated largely in special classes and resource rooms, those students would have a difficult path to success. Releasing the Power illustrates how the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District researched, created, and implemented a district-wide co-teaching initiative. Today CMS is an exemplary model of what can happen when a district releases the power of two.

Instructional Power: 
Instructional Power is a collection of simple yet effective strategies and ideas for increasing student engagement and participation. You'll see elementary, middle school, and high school teachers and students in action though filmed in co-taught classes; these techniques are easily adaptable for use by any teacher.