• Positive Behavior Support Systems
  • Implementing in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools
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Implementing positive m
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Book overview

By Melissa Stormont, Timothy J. Lewis, Rebecca Beckner, Nanci W. Johnson<br>


Corwin Press

Learn how to teach and support appropriate behavior and build confidence in young children!

This easy-to-read resource presents the Programwide/Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Support (PW/SW-PBS) system, a preventive, research-based approach that helps educators teach classroom behavior skills the same way they teach academic skills. The authors outline the PW/SW-PBS model, describe the core practices, and provide case examples to aid implementation. Key features of this instruction-based system include:

  • Differing levels of intervention to meet individual student needs
  • Clearly stated behavioral expectations
  • Consistent acknowledgment of students' mastery of expectations
  • Systematic use of consequences for problem behavior