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  • How Technology is Changing K-12 Instruction and Connecting Learners in the Digital World
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Hosted by Lynn Murray

Viewing Guide on disc. 

Preview program viewing guide; it is a dense and comprehensive PD for your staff. Also download the DVD menu.
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Connected Schools, the only DVD on the market documenting the wiring of American schools. Students know Iphone, teachers know learning strategies; it’s time the two make a connection before Moore’s Law doubles, again.

Connected Schools is the video that demonstrates how to integrate technology into the curriculum. It wasn’t produced by software developers or textbook publishers but by educators to provide a pathway for tech personnel, team leaders, and administrators to provide a greater learning experience for their teachers. Used with the viewing guide, this goes way beyond saccharine testimonials and wonky podcast instruction. Resistant teachers and early adopters will respond to the concrete examples.

This DVD will demonstrate effective uses of technology for K-12 classrooms that will help American students thrive in the connected world. Schools must teach students about digital citizenship, accountability and appropriate Internet use, collaboration, evaluating sources, tech tools, and knowledge creation. This DVD highlights innovations that any teacher can integrate into classroom life. The hardware and applications will change, but the principles will remain true. It’s not all about the technology—it’s about the learning.

The rate of technological development is exponential; it keeps speeding up. The more we speed up communication and access, the more we interact with people all over the world. This is a two-edged sword, fostering collaboration and increasing competition. Businesses and services are no longer limited by geographic boundaries. The whole world is connected in real-time. To prepare students for globalization, schools must change their environments and strategies, and engage the digital world students live in every day. We need to do new things in new ways. Our students need new skills and capabilities. We have to learn to live and thrive in this world in order to prepare our students for active citizenship, satisfactory work lives, and life-long learning.

Why Watch this DVD:

The Pandora’s box of technology is open. Schools can’t ignore it. We’ve researched best practices for you by cutting through the information overload and distractions online. We have captured the essence of what you need to get started integrating technology into your curriculum.

Who Should Watch this DVD:

  1. Technology Specialists: to help train teachers
  2. Teachers: to integrate applications into the curriculum
  3. Administrators: to support technology integration through professional development and 
    system planning.
  4. School Community Leaders: to understand how technology is changing education

Program Sections (136 mins.)

  1. Welcome to the Digital Classroom (4 mins.)
  2. Technology Trends (14 mins.)
  3. Connected to Learn (32 mins.)
    Communicate, Collaborate and Create, Wiki As Collaborative Tool, Digital Citizenship
  4. Content and Technology Connections (31 mins.) 
    Technology Tools, Content Connections, Independent and Real World Learning, 
    Authentic Assessment
  5. Digital Development (18 mins.)
    Time, Personalized Learning, In-Service, Coaching, Collaboration, Teacher to Teacher, Access
  6. Moving Forward (7 mins.)

What People Are Saying About Connected Schools:

“The DVD is a great training tool to help educators see how important technology integration is for students. It gives educators a good look at how technology integration can happen in every classroom. It allows teachers to see other teachers using technology to enhance their teaching and learning. I loved the many different topic areas. It also explains the importance of technology as a vital part of the educational setting for all students and teachers. Schools could watch and reflect (via blog) on each section as part of a professional development series.”

Tracy Bonnett
Instructional Media & Technology
Pasco County Schools

Connected School’s Host

Lynn Murray has been a college professor, administrator, principal, special educator, and a teacher at all grade levels. She is currently supporting instructional leadership for comprehensive school reform, providing training and coaching for school administration in walk-through strategies and execution. She resides in South Hero, Vermont.

Lynn Murray