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Includes instructional guide & copy of the book College Acceleration.

Based on the book, College Acceleration, Eric J. Ban presents the stories of four secondary school leaders—all of whom have demonstrated an ability to lead diverse environments to drive gains in college, career, and workforce readiness that twenty-first century business require. School leaders will learn the four-part leadership framework of the College Acceleration Network: Leadership, Assessment, Intervention and Partnerships. These principles are research-based and classroom-proven to increase student engagement through personalized learning.

Ban starts with leadership philosophy and quickly moves into areas of training that will challenge your community to examine and adopt tangible practices for student success. From assessment protocols and regional economic partnerships to specific programs such as Gateways—a program developed at Dayton Early College to improve students' intellectual habits and management skills. The accompanying instructional guide will assist school leadership teams in this work.

Program Sections

  • Ban Welcome & Principal Introductions (4 mins.)
  • Leadership & 7 Principles for Success (14 mins.)
  • Assessment (15 mins.)
  • Intervention (28 mins.)
  • Partnerships (11 mins.)
  • Ban Challenges (2 mins)
  • Bonus Section: Faculty Buy-In (3 mins.)

Featured Principals

featured principals

Video Clips

Program Open: The New American H.S. from Elephant Rock on Vimeo

What People Are Saying About Accelerating College & Workforce Readiness:

"Tremendous examples of superior leadership ."

Keri Gartland 
Lakewood H.S. 

"The framework is exactly what I would like to see happen as high schools transition into not only the Common Core standards but also the twenty-first century. We need to move away from the archaic model and allow for more differentiation to accelerate students to become college and career ready and this video reiterates it with a workable framework to start the conversations at the high school level. The leadership framework and the curriculum design is the most significant part for me. We have to challenge students to be ready for the next level and allow students the ability to move forward. This will open the doors for students and we will better prepare them to become college ready, literate and productive members of society.” 

Rebecca Sadusky 
Florida Educator