• A Positive Manifesto
  • How Appreciative Schools Can Transform Public Education
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Book overview

How Appreciative Schools Can Transform Public Education<br>


Since the 1980s, new perspectives have emerged representing nothing short of a revolution in how we effect change. All arrows point to a future view that has at its core life-centric purposes and positive, strengths-based theory and practices. Appreciative inquiry (AI) has contributed significantly to the positive change revolution in many professional realms, such as the armed services, United Nations, and Fortune 500 businesses. A Positive Manifesto applies AI to innovation in public education through the authors’ Appreciative Organizing framework, giving public school leaders and stakeholders actionable pathways to take in creating schools that work for all.

Author Bios:

  • Leonard C. Burrello was a professor of educational leadership at the universities of Michigan, Indiana, and South Florida for forty-five years. Currently he’s the executive director of the Center for Appreciative Organizing in Education. He’s traveled domestically and internationally to study, document, and produce video exemplars of school districts, schools, and teaching and learning methods.

  • Linda M. Beitz has worked as a change agent with hundreds of people in school districts, nonprofits, state departments, court mediation programs, businesses, and communities. Over the years she has learned the change we seek in others begins with self-awareness and a commitment to communicating in ways that foster productive relationships.

  • John L. Mann was a principal, director of Leadership Development, and assistant superintendent in Pasco County, Florida, for twenty-eight years. After training administrators locally, nationally, and internationally, he now coordinates a principal preparation program focusing on Appreciative Inquiry and Organizing for the University of South Florida and several school districts.