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Hosted by Leonard C. Burrello

This DVD May Save the Future.

Credit recovery can save your community’s future. It will save the sophomore who flunked geometry and world history. It will save the senior who is ten credits short of graduation. It will save the sick student who can’t attend every day. It will save the special needs student who is almost getting it. Schools need to adapt strategies to ensure post-schools success. No diploma equals a menial job and a hardscrabble future. It’s time to rewrite the future. This video profiles a successful high school CR program that is yours to model.

We found a credit recovery program at Crown Point High School in Indiana that goes beyond the obvious. Here the program is also about redemption. Such programs offer a second chance for the school—and its teachers—to re-engage students who have lost their bond with their classmates, coursework, and mentors, but most importantly, their own future. This program is about discipline. It’s about character. It’s about persistence. And it’s about directing students down a path toward post-school success. Forum director Leonard Burrello spent a day with CRL director Jonathan Haas discussing Crown Point’s program philosophy and student orientation process. With a rock solid, technology-driven virtual curriculum covering five subject areas, Haas describes how the CRL carries out its mission from interventions and the referral process, to data collection and student monitoring and counseling. And Haas reviews the software applications that allow CRL programs to flourish.

Who Should Watch this DVD:

  1. High School Principals
  2. Directors of Instructional Technology
  3. High School Counselors
  4. Special Education Directors
  5. Curriculum Directors

Program Sections

  1. Welcome to CRL (2:30)
  2. Philosophy (4.30)
  3. How the Lab Works (7.00)
  4. Tailoring Curriculum to Student Needs (7.30)
  5. Staffing the Lab (4:00)
  6. CRL & School Culture (6:30)
  7. Bonus Section: Notes on virtual cirriculums and managing student data (10:00)

Credit Recovery’s Host

Forum Director Leonard Burrello is currently a Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at University of South Florida and maintains his Professor Emeritus appointment at Indiana University. He is currently researching secondary transformation and teacher leadership. He is the author of many books, including School Leaders Building Capacity From Within.

Video Extras

Credit Recovery Lab DVD Viewing Guide

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Student Back on Track

CROWN PT. INDIANA — Credit Recovery Lab director Jonathan Haas sat down with Jeremy to discuss his experience in the CRL.

“Do you think you would have graduated at all, or even on time, had it not been for the credit recovery lab?” Haas asked. “I think CR has gotten me back on spot,” Jeremy said, “because I would have been graduating with the class below me or maybe even the class below that one because of how bad my grade point average and grades were.” Jeremy was enthusiastic when asked to sum up the lab’s importance to his academic success. “The lab is great. It has gotten me back to where I need to be to graduate in 2012 with all my other classmates.”

CR Helps Increase Graduation Rates

CROWN PT. INDIANA — Located in Northwest Indiana, Crown Point High School is annually recognized as a top school in the state. In 2011 their credit recovery lab served nearly 8% of the student body, and earned over 700 credits. Last year, the school’s graduation rate topped 96%. It’s highest ever.

"The Credit Recovery lab is helping kids accumulate credits towards graduation,” said Crown Point principal Dr. Eric Ban, “inherently it has allowed them to have success.”

More schools are creating CR labs to meet the needs of their students.