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  • Creatingunified video

    Creating a Unified System

    Integrating General and Special Education for the Benefit of All Students

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  • Creditrecovery

    Credit Recovery

    Re-engaging Students to Graduate

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  • Differentiated focus video

    Differentiation Instruction

    A Focus on Inclusion

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  • Difflive large

    Differentiation Live!

    Blending UbD & Differentiated Instruction Principles for Teaching and Learning

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  • Instructionalpower v

    Instructional Power

    Dr. Marilyn Friend

    Co-Teachers Share Instructional Techniques

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  • Leadingadistrict video

    Leading a District to Scale

    Dr. Marilyn Friend

    Access to the General Education Curriculum for Every Student

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  • Learning together ebook

    Learning Together

    A Practitioner's Guide to College and Career Readiness Standards

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  • Lou brown unplugged video

    Lou Brown Unplugged

    Stories of a Lifetime of Teaching and Advocating for Students with Disabilities and their Families

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  • Morepower m

    More Power!

    Dr. Marilyn Friend

    Instruction in Co-Taught Classrooms

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  • Implementing positive m

    Positive Behavior Support Systems

    Implementing in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools

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